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Here is what some of the best websites are suggesting we should do Post-Lockdown

A waitress works at restaurant, (COVID-19)

Run low, mid, and high cash flow forecasts for 25, 50, and 75 per cent of previously forecasted sales

The zero revenue or nominal revenue lockdown period we’re currently in will prove to be much easier to understand than what all of our companies are entering into as the economy comes back to life. As staff is brought back onto the payroll and the operating expenses of the business begin to generate, many of our businesses will go through the highest-risk period of this crisis. Understanding your company's burn-rate and the unit economics of the different scenarios on the front-end will enable proper labour planning. 

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Tips on Working in the restaurant industry

Tips tо Become Successful іn Life | Massimo Montone

Whether you want to become a restaurant owner, top chef or the best maître d’, is and will always be hard work, persistence and, what not many people talk about: grit (perseverance combined with passion). Success also requires lots of self-learning: keep up with all trends and always do with excellence what is asked from you in your job. 

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What is stress and why are you feeling it?

What is stress and why are you feeling it? | Massimo Montone

Only few industries have as much chaotic potential as the restaurant business. There is constant activity, personality clashes and your guests need to be served in a timely and friendly manner. Seems like you will never be able to stop your worries because the bills will still come in, the day will always be 24 hours long, and your job and family responsibility will always follow you.