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‘Ritorno’ From Restaurant & Bar Concept to Reality

Ritorno cocktail bar

When Giacomo Longo asked me to be part of Ritorno from the very beginning, giving me an interesting and exciting opportunity to bring something new and original to London’s well-established bar and restaurant scene, I said yes right away. From the get-go we have had one clear vision, to offer authentic Italian food, a unique Aperitivo and small plates in the heart of London.

Charisma an Invisible Energy


Before we learn how to inculcate charisma іn our personality, it is very important we understand the term ‘Charisma’ in its complete capacity. The above definition of the term charisma will help youunderstand the term in a broader view. Let us see what is means in a more precise approach and let us get as close as we can to understand this rare quality. We often say that aparticular celebrity or a sportsperson has charisma and that makes us like them instantly. These charismatic people know the law of attraction better than most and draw us to them like magnets, don’t they? Most of us know what being charismatic is, we just can’t state it as a proper definition.

Benefits Received From Having a Hospitality Coach

Hospitality coach | Massimo Montone

One thing that all businesses have learned from past experiences is that coaching has become a key method used in the hospitality business. When it comes to supporting the people that work in your company and helping them develop and achieve their goals, hospitality coaching is a must. The more a person knows and understands their duties, the better they will be able to perform them. This means better service for the company and for the customers. Everyone benefits from hospitality coaching.

8 Essential Tips tо Become Successful іn Life

What is success? Each of us has different ideas about success.

What is success? Each of us has different ideas about success. While some view at it as overall success in life, others compartmentalize it into various aspects of life such as success in their relationships, family, financial aspects, and so on. If you flip through the pages of history, you will come across many individuals who seem tohave the Midas touch - being able to achieve greatness despite seemingly insurmountable odds. While some may attribute pure luck as the reason for theіr success, and others the result of sheer hard work, however, there is more to the successes of people like Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie. Following are eight essential tips to become successful in life.

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