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Here is what some of the best websites are suggesting we should do Post-Lockdown

A waitress works at restaurant, (COVID-19)

Run low, mid, and high cash flow forecasts for 25, 50, and 75 per cent of previously forecasted sales

The zero revenue or nominal revenue lockdown period we’re currently in will prove to be much easier to understand than what all of our companies are entering into as the economy comes back to life. As staff is brought back onto the payroll and the operating expenses of the business begin to generate, many of our businesses will go through the highest-risk period of this crisis. Understanding your company's burn-rate and the unit economics of the different scenarios on the front-end will enable proper labour planning.

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Make your restaurant feel like a safe spot to guests 

The first step in combating coronavirus is to make your restaurant as clean as possible. The EPA has created a list of disinfectants that are effective at killing SARS-CoV-2, which you can find here. (Note that regular soap is effective. The virus is coated in an oily membrane, which means it is disintegrated by soap and water.)

Pay special attention to any surface customers touch, like light switches and doors, and any system that circulates air. Provide antibacterial gloves for your team, especially if they handle cash. (Some operators are going temporarily cashless.) Finally, many restaurants have scheduled multiple daily professional cleanings. Take every initiative you can to keep your restaurant disinfected.

But don’t just clean to make your restaurant safe. 

Send a message to your customers that your restaurant is a haven from what’s outside.

Leave a hint of disinfectant in the air. Have your bussers make performances of wiping down tables and chairs after each guest leaves. Put up signage touting your frequent and committed sanitizing efforts. Add disinfectant napkins to service.

Make an abundance of caution part of your brand. Put language about your efforts on your site and in your booking flow. If you choose to put more space between tables, broadcast that on social media. Do everything you can to make guests seek out your restaurant as a place of refuge.

Lastly and most importantly, if you are not able to guarantee sanitary conditions, consider closing your restaurant.

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Create Compelling Content

We don’t want to belabor Bill Gates’ often-quoted “content is king,” but the impact of content on brand growth is hard to deny. Creating unique content regularly is a great way to increase brand awareness, strengthen your brand reputation, and keep customer attention, even while you’re shut down. 

People are online now, more than ever before, as many of them are stuck at home, glued to their smartphones and laptops. So, what better way to nurture customer relationships than through captivating content that speaks directly to their needs and interests during this time?

The best part is that content is relatively easy to create – you can do it just by using your smartphone (more on that in a moment).

So, what kind of content could you create to boost your restaurant marketing efforts?

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Spilling into open spaces 

From potential city-wide open-air café bars to limited capacity and table-service only – how are pubs and bars across the globe planning to reopen under social distancing measures?

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Restaurants and casual dining Specific guidelines

  • Individually wrapped condiments and sauces should be offered on request and put with the plated food, not left on tables
  • Cutlery to be brought to the customer with the food and condiments rather than customers helping themselves or left on the table
  • Develop your table plan and arrangement based on the physical distancing guidelines operational at the time.
  • Customer contact with commodities (e.g. menus, trays, napkins) should be limited to what is necessary or designed in such a way that cleaning/replacement is carried out after each use. Menus left on tables/table talkers discouraged in favour of other forms of display to the customer. Consider the use of single-use/laminated menus brought to the table
  • Use disinfectants and sanitisers that are effective against bacteria as well as cold and flu viruses, as recommended by the current government advice which can be found here: 
  • Cleaning regimes for kitchens should reflect the need to reduce risk from coronavirus as well as maintaining all normal expectations relevant to a food business regarding hygiene
  • Control movements of staff to maintain mandated social distancing measures where possible i.e. include one person at a time allowed in the chilled stores or dry stores or the changing rooms and toilet.
  • Hand washing of glassware, plates and cutlery should be avoided where possible with glassware washed separately from plates and cutlery.

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Overseeing client encounters during the lockdown 

Clients in China rushed to adjust their utilization propensities during the lockdown by changing to portable requesting and home delivery. For Starbucks, 80% of requests were made on a PDA during the lockdown, of which 30% were delivered to the client, and half gathered as a takeaway. For KFC, 84% of requests were from computerized channels, including advanced cell, convey stages, and a booth with portable instalment, in the first quarter of 2020, an increase of 29% compared with the same period a year ago.

Tips on Working in the restaurant industry

Tips tо Become Successful іn Life | Massimo Montone

Whether you want to become a restaurant owner, top chef or the best maître d’, is and will always be hard work, persistence and, what not many people talk about: grit (perseverance combined with passion). Success also requires lots of self-learning: keep up with all trends and always do with excellence what is asked from you in your job. 

Want to know the secret to success in the restaurant industry? Read my article on Carbon Free Dining.

What is stress and why are you feeling it?

What is stress and why are you feeling it? | Massimo Montone

Only few industries have as much chaotic potential as the restaurant business. There is constant activity, personality clashes and your guests need to be served in a timely and friendly manner. Seems like you will never be able to stop your worries because the bills will still come in, the day will always be 24 hours long, and your job and family responsibility will always follow you.

‘Ritorno’ From Restaurant & Bar Concept to Reality

Ritorno cocktail bar

When Giacomo Longo asked me to be part of Ritorno from the very beginning, giving me an interesting and exciting opportunity to bring something new and original to London’s well-established bar and restaurant scene, I said yes right away. From the get-go we have had one clear vision, to offer authentic Italian food, a unique Aperitivo and small plates in the heart of London.

Charisma an Invisible Energy


Before we learn how to inculcate charisma іn our personality, it is very important we understand the term ‘Charisma’ in its complete capacity. The above definition of the term charisma will help youunderstand the term in a broader view. Let us see what is means in a more precise approach and let us get as close as we can to understand this rare quality. We often say that aparticular celebrity or a sportsperson has charisma and that makes us like them instantly. These charismatic people know the law of attraction better than most and draw us to them like magnets, don’t they? Most of us know what being charismatic is, we just can’t state it as a proper definition.

Benefits Received From Having a Hospitality Coach

Hospitality coach | Massimo Montone

One thing that all businesses have learned from past experiences is that coaching has become a key method used in the hospitality business. When it comes to supporting the people that work in your company and helping them develop and achieve their goals, hospitality coaching is a must. The more a person knows and understands their duties, the better they will be able to perform them. This means better service for the company and for the customers. Everyone benefits from hospitality coaching.

8 Essential Tips tо Become Successful іn Life

Tips tо Become Successful іn Life | Massimo Montone

What is success? Each of us has different ideas about success. While some view at it as overall success in life, others compartmentalize it into various aspects of life such as success in their relationships, family, financial aspects, and so on. If you flip through the pages of history, you will come across many individuals who seem tohave the Midas touch - being able to achieve greatness despite seemingly insurmountable odds. While some may attribute pure luck as the reason for theіr success, and others the result of sheer hard work, however, there is more to the successes of people like Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie. Following are eight essential tips to become successful in life.