Thinking of opening up a restaurant?
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Thinking of opening up a restaurant? These are the things you should keep in mind for good management of a restaurant.


Thinking of opening up a restaurant? These are the things you should keep in mind for good management of a restaurant.

Human resources

Perhaps the most important aspect of restaurant management, human resource also happens to be central in the management of any business. And it is not by coincidence; humans are the complex psychological being. Without humans, it is unthinkable to run a business, but it is the humans who can also cause the downfall of a business. In restaurants, the employee traffic is very high. The constant leaving of old employee and hiring of new ones causes challenge for the manager for the seamless transition. Even if the employees change, the restaurant cannot, it has to retain its taste and identity. Because the nature of the job does not necessarily require highly educated manpower, it sometimes poses problems for the educated manager to deal with them. It is however a necessary skill for every manager to be able to deal with employees in every level. Human resource management is a very important aspect of restaurant management also because it is a business where you produce everyday, serve everyday with constant contact with your customer. You cannot rest a single day, you cannot miss out on your performance a single day.


A kitchen, the management of it, decides the fate of a restaurant. A good management of the kitchen ensures continuous success for the restaurant. It is the kitchen that decides the taste, and hence the identity for a restaurant. Therefore proper management, to ensure the consistency of the taste and quality of food, is very important, because if the taste and quality of food fluctuates, less people are going to be interested in your restaurant. Managing the kitchen, usually headed by the head chef or the head cook, means managing the raw food material and food preparation ingredients, managing the food preparation time to serve time etc. It also involves maintaining food quantity to price balance to maintain maximum margin possible. Central to the kitchen management, is making sure that the food is healthy, safe and meets the taste standard of your restaurant.

The Dining area

The dining area or the eating area is the face of the restaurant. That is where the food meets the customer, the chef meets his/her patrons. The identity of the restaurant created by the kitchen is showcase here. Therefore the management of the area has immediate effect. The management here involves the proper operation of table waiting, serving and after sales. Eating area management of restaurant would also involve coordination with the kitchen to maintain food order and serve time. It would also involve maintaining food quality by receiving comments from the guests. Front area management of the restaurant also involve management of the front desk cash counter.


If you build it they will come. But more will, if you let them know. Marketing is also one important aspect of restaurant management, because management, at the end, if all about making profit. On how to finance your restaurant business read here.

Massimo Montone

Massimo made the progression from direct restaurant operations into a consultancy role so that he could work with a diverse portfolio of businesses – he thrives on new challenges and meeting interesting people, with creative ideas. Massimo felt there was a missing element within the industry, where smaller brands and hospitality businesses could benefit from having the experience of an operational team, without investing in an in-house ‘head office.

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