Good leaders make you feel safe, why? | Massimo Montone

Good leaders make you feel safe, why?

Management theorist Simon Sinek suggests, it's someone who makes their employees feel secure, who draws staffers into a circle of trust. But creating trust and safety — especially in an uneven economy — means taking on big responsibility.


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Here's my take on this:

This speech was phenomenal. As a leader and manager, I am surprised that so many people in positions of authority do not get this basic concept, building trusts among the team.

Leaderships is defined as the “process of social influence” in order to accomplish a common task or a number of tasks. The question that many experts ask is whether a leader is born or whether you can learn leadership skills. Well, I am a believer that everything is learnable.You must be the leader of your restaurant business. If you don’t see yourself as one - here are some simple steps to help you become one:

Be proactive, analyze, plan and change your plan if and when circumstances change.Leaders have visions not hopes. Vision creates direction; write down a vision statement to synthesize your thoughts.

Let your team know your vision. Nobody around you will see you as a leader unless you believe in yourself and project leadership. Take your plan from theory to action. Don’t wait for the perfect moment, just take action!

Lead by example, get down and do it. Show your team that you are prepared to put in the work.

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If you want to succeed, you must be a good leader. The good news is that you can learn leadership if you are committed.

Today, large organizations invest in leadership training more than before. You can learn leadership on your own. Find books on the subject. Go to classes, workshops, e-courses and seminars.

The best training is one-on-one leadership coaching as it can be tailored to your specific needs. It may be expensive, but it is effective. Life coaches are experienced professionals who are able to understand your present situation and problems, make you realize your potential, motivate you and help you to create an action plan with effective solutions for the future.

Leaders have one thing in common: confidence. Where do they get it from? Good leaders are good listeners. They are able to make decisions quickly and they are clear about the results they want. They have a sense of calm and an ability to exude that to others. You can be the best leader on the planet. You need to start believing you are a leader and act like a leader.

Massimo Montone

Massimo made the progression from direct restaurant operations into a consultancy role so that he could work with a diverse portfolio of businesses – he thrives on new challenges and meeting interesting people, with creative ideas. Massimo felt there was a missing element within the industry, where smaller brands and hospitality businesses could benefit from having the experience of an operational team, without investing in an in-house ‘head office.

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