Doing A Redesign Or Re-Launch for Your Restaurant

Doing A Redesign Or Re-Launch for Your Restaurant

Doing A Redesign Or Re-Launch for Your Restaurant | Massimo Montone

It is true when they say that change itself is the only permanent thing in life. And sometimes restaurants that have long done well but have experienced an unexpected dry patch, or restaurants that somehow feel outdated or just hasn't done well in business might mean that its time to change or rethink how the establishment can be revived. The work of course falls on the restaurant management team.


Restaurant management teams or person in charge can often have the responsibility to re-launching a brand that was either already well established or was faltering in the market place. So if you ever find yourself in this position, consider a few things. Do you want to completely change the restaurantís theme or style and present something new entirely or do you just want to upgrade what ever it was doing? Sometimes renovating the interior and giving it a fresh theme could work very well as a refreshing change to a familiar space and setting. But if you are going to make the effort to re-brand and re-launch your establishment, then why not take it to new heights?

If your restaurant has always been a place to eat at, then perhaps the most engaging change would it becomes a place to not just eat at, also be at for various reasons. Consider using the wall space to make exhibition spaces, so that every month or even at a more frequent rate, you can host exhibitions of photos or paintings for upcoming visual artists. And since we are on the theme of visual arts, how about converting your old eatery into a place where the food is served with a round of independent cinema made by established as well as upcoming filmmakers from the world over? It really just requires low lighting and a big projection screen and your seating space arranged accordingly. Even established filmmakers, especially in art and documentary category, invite people to host screenings. This would add a great element to the process of restaurant management.

Another form of art that you can use to add to your restaurant is a small stage that can host live musicians or stand up comedians or other live acts. These are elements that have been tested and proved to succeed in any case.

However, if you are considering just remodelling the ambience of the joint, then see what works best. Can you add a lot more natural light to your venue by adding large glass windows or a sky light? Or perhaps you could make the place dimmer, to create a more cosy and secluded, laid back ambience. If you did not offer wireless internet service, add it on. Simple amenities like that make a big difference without adding too much cost to the restaurantís management.

What ever and how you do it, the idea is when the restaurant ís management is done with the process of redesigning and re-stylizing the venue, there should be a strong effort to re-brand it using the media. So make sure you have done enough with the place to give the media enough fodder for print or chatter. Also donít forget to spread the word on the internet not just by launching a new website, or re-launching the one you had previously, but also by posting notes about the new things your restaurant offers in forums, blogs and sites that deal with restaurants. This could actually be a very exciting and fun part of the restaurant management work.

Massimo Montone

Massimo made the progression from direct restaurant operations into a consultancy role so that he could work with a diverse portfolio of businesses – he thrives on new challenges and meeting interesting people, with creative ideas. Massimo felt there was a missing element within the industry, where smaller brands and hospitality businesses could benefit from having the experience of an operational team, without investing in an in-house ‘head office.

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